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We are now a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider!
Virtual Care

Virtual care on-demand for those in MA, RI, NY

 - Voice calls

 - Video Visits

Quickly address your medical care needs. Get prescriptions, referrals, treatment plans anytime.

 Office Visits

Schedule a Walk-In appointment in our Boston office for time-sensitive non-emergency care needs. 

Lab services and EKG onsite.  

Care Coordination

Wherever you are, we can arrange & coordinate:

-  Lab & Imaging studies

-  House Calls

 - Specialist Referrals

-  Expedited Appointments

-  Travel Health consults

-  Hospital transfers



Mary McLaglen, Executive Producer 20th Century Fox

“I have produced three movies in the Boston area–The Proposal, Joy, and Free Guy. On each project, I have been immensely grateful to have Dr. Paul. He follows through and checks in with all patients throughout their course of care. Personally, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Needless to say, being away from home and being treated in the midst of production was frightening…Dr. Paul steered me to the best surgeons and treatments. For this, I will be forever grateful.”

> To learn more call 888-777-4199 or CLICK HERE

Production companies and Employers are eligible for volume membership discounts

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Tel: 888-777-4199

SetMD Care: 225 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110

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