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Production Support

Protect your production's cast and crew, and stay on deadlines.

Our team has served over 400 film and TV productions and is ready to support yours.  We collaborate closely with your Health & Safety Supervisor, Set Medic, 1st AD, UPM, Stunt Coordinator, etc. 


 - 24/7 On-call physician guidance

 - On-demand medical care for talent & crew 

Virtual Care (Voice, Video & AI-guided care)

Office Visits

House Calls

 - Cast and Essential Element insurance exams

 - Care Coordination for specialist referrals, hospital transfers

 - Travel Health preparation for international shoots

 - Vaccine clinics (ex. influenza)

 - Technical advising for medical accuracy in scenes & scripts

 - White-labelled web app that can be distributed to entire team, or a select group.

Call us to get a quote 888-441-2345 or CLICK HERE
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Each production has a secure online dashboard to easily track employee sign up, utilization and invoicing. 
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Tel: 888-777-4199

SetMD Care: 225 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110

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